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The PAY&DRIVE Solution

The first safe & secure cabinet from Sharebox goes into production in 2019.

On this page you can make a reservation for a presentation in advance. We notice a great deal of demand and interest of more information about how the series-produced version of the Sharebox Auto will be, but so far, much remains confidential. If you reach out today we will make sure you get a presentation and that you are prioritized with updated information.

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Prices for the new Sharebox Auto are not yet clear. We are nevertheless confident that the solution will be very attractive and competitive.


It is provided that the serial model may differ from the model depicted on the graphics, with other specifications and a modified appearance. The concept model nevertheless provides a comprehensive impression of what the new Sharebox Auto will be like.


Reserve your spot and keep updated. With Sharebox Auto, we look to tomorrow's digital customer service, and we are delighted that you want to take part in the journey with us.


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