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Share More Keys, Faster
Lease EUR 150 / month

Sharebox Outdoor collage (2)

Scalable and quick installation.

The cabinet is self-service, secure and approved. 

As Location Owner you book online or directly at the box display, with web admin or the Sharebox app on your phone. 

The person picking up the key can open with pincode, E-mail link, sms service or with Sharebox app.  

You receive messages in app/web/mob. when key are picked up by the customer. The system let you track every move and logg every events.

Can be integrated to other booking platforms with API and Web-Hook.  

Prices for the lease periode:

  • EUR 150 / month
  • Billed yearly

This is Sharebox:

  • Colour Black (standard)
  • 12 drawers
  • Width 30 cm
  • Height 80 cm
  • Depth 14 cm
  • Weight 25 kg
  • Power supply 90-260 V AC
  • Consumption 50W
  • WiFi connectivity (GSM opt)
  • Installation manual 
  • User Guide
  • 24/7 support hotline / Chat. 

Smart Key Sharing

Service agreement included

Car keys-2

24 months lease agreement.

Sharebox covers the costs of cabinets and operation of the service. To cover the costs, the agreement has a term of 24 months.

Location Owner covers the cost of shipment, installation and 24/7 power and wifi.

Sharebox is not responsible for any type of loss or damage to property or person.

Sharebox is not responsible for the Location Owner or Location Owner’s customers or any third party's loss of revenue due to a malfunction or malfunction of the equipment, or any other indirect loss.

The cabinet is Sharebox's property and shall not be for sale, sold, pledged or listed as movable property.

Upon termination of the agreement due to closure, relocation, bankruptcy or other circumstances, the Location Owner is responsible for informing Sharebox in good time so that it is possible to disassemble and retrieve the Sharebox cabinet.


  • 24 months agreement
  • 1 month termination notice