Host and Guest Support Hotlines
International (+47) 40 43 44 44
London (+44) 20 75 72 12 16
Sweden (+46) 76 34 53 416
Denmark (+45) 40 87 40 88
Spain (+34) 653 366 050

Automate check-ins

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Network of locations

Sharebox is expanding to large cities in Europe with cabinets on central locations. Accessible 24/7 or with extended opening hours.


24/7 Support

Service is an important aspect for us, which is why we offer 24/7 support on both our phone support hotline, and chat support as well. Now you can safely trust your keys in our hands.

Mobile App

Our cabinets are self-serviced from the Sharebox app, which means you can open / close the door of your locker directly from the app, regardless of whether you are at the location or at home.


Offer your guests flexible check-in using Sharebox. In this way, guests can pick up the key when it suits them. You therefore avoid having to coordinate with their arrival/departure time.


Sharebox cabinets are located inside the stores and are therefore monitored. In addition, all lockers are locked and can only be opened from the app or via text message opening.

Low cost

Our most used service is the monthly subscription. Put the key in the box and have guests check-in with easy key pick-up as many times as you like. Details in the app.

Do not miss out on income from losing a reservation with a great guest due to the guest not receiving the check-in details in a timely fashion.

It's so easy to use a Sharebox


Download App and sign up.


Find the nearest Sharebox location.

Choose the service you prefer. Daily or Monthly and open your Sharebox.
Put your key in the Sharebox cabinet and close the locker.
Add a recipient by entering their phone number.

We automatically send a text message to the recipient with instructions on how to open the Sharebox.

Now you can relax and concentrate on something else while the recipient collect the key.
You will receive a notification from the app when the key are collected.

Automate and simplify

Automation is a formidable solution to check-in problems. By automating the repeatable key exchange, you can experience a dramatic reduction in the volume of messages that require your attention.

Less time messaging means you have more time to focus on delivering excellent guest experiences.

Meanwhile, guests benefit from receiving the right information at the right time, with Sharebox map guiden in the app trickle out when needed, making guest check-ins less stressful and more enjoyable.

The automated key exchange service is a clear advantage as you no longer have to worry about storage and security of your house keys.

We have 24/7 customer service if your guests have problems open the Sharebox and collecting the key.


Airbnb hosts use us to simplify

I use Sharebox for my airbnb guests. I prefer not to wait for them to arrive - my guests are also very excited about the flexibility by just getting the key when it suits them.

Eline Gulsrud, Airbnb Host
I actually use Sharebox for both airbnb and GoMore. Also very nice just having an additional set of keys in a Sharebox just in case - it has already saved me for using a locksmith one time. Highly recommended.
Lauge Olsen, Airbnb & GoMore Host

Sharebox is a super smart and easy way to hand over keys to my guests. After I finish cleaning the apartment, I just drop off the keys in my Sharebox and give access to my guests.

Louise Søborg, Airbnb Host

Become a better host with Sharebox

Let Sharebox help you with the key exchange from check-in to check-out.

Official HostAssist partner of Airbnb

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