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International (+47) 40 43 44 44
London (+44) 20 75 72 12 16
Sweden (+46) 76 34 53 416
Denmark (+45) 40 87 40 88
Spain (+34) 653 366 050

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What is hospitality?

People who rent your house on Airbnb are choosing it over a hotel. So you had better be as hospitable, friendly and communicative as a hotel.


How to build trust?

Build trust and be extremely responsive to guests, much like a hotel front desk. Nobody trusts a host who is slow to respond.

Must have Accessories

Cooking equipment, cable TV, soap for bathing and cleaning, towels, toothpaste and toilet paper. Your house should work as advertised — faulty appliances should be repaired or replaced.

How to set expectations

Being dishonest about your listing will hurt when it comes time for a guest to leave a review. It’s better to be straightforward about what you are offering and transparent about any imperfections.

Why solve problems quickly

Be quick to address complaints, or risk facing a negative review. If a dishwasher breaks or the shower pressure is too low, send a plumber. If a remote control was misplaced or stolen by a previous group, have a backup remote ready in a drawer.

How to set prices on demand

Depending on where your apartment is, demand may be higher at certain times of year. If you hope to ever make a profit, you will want to set prices higher during peak rental seasons, and reduce prices during slow seasons.

Focus on delivering excellent guest experiences.

It's so easy to do things wrong


What time is the check in?


Is there public transport nearby?

How long will it take us to get there?
Where do I get the keys?
What is the Wifi password?

We have a urgent question, where can we reach you?

Can you give us advise on a nice restaurant?
Where to put the keys after check-out tomorrow.

The sizable workload can be reason enough to stop welcoming guests altogether.

After a guest books a reservation, it is often followed by a long exchange of messages between you as a host and the guest discussing specifics about the upcoming stay – where to obtain the key, parking information, access to laundry facilities, and other privileges available to them.

Most guests are not bad people. But perhaps one out of 10 times, a rotten egg will pass your smell test.  To protect yourself, diligently document everything valuable in your house. Take photos of furniture, lamps, the refrigerator, stove, dining table, barbecue grill and television set. In the event anything is damaged, Airbnb will ask for before-and-after photos to prove that guests caused the damage.

While some hosts enjoy the human factor behind the conversation, the sheer quantity of messages, many of which are answers to repeated questions from previous reservations, can be overwhelming and difficult to manage.

Rental owners spend an average of 8.4 hours per week managing their rental properties. In some cases, the sizable workload can be reason enough to stop welcoming guests altogether.

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Thousands of key exchanges every month

I use Sharebox for my airbnb guests. I prefer not to wait for them to arrive - my guests are also very excited about the flexibility by just getting the key when it suits them.

Eline Gulsrud, Airbnb Host
I actually use Sharebox for both airbnb and GoMore. Also very nice just having an additional set of keys in a Sharebox just in case - it has already saved me for using a locksmith one time. Highly recommended.
Lauge Olsen, Airbnb & GoMore Host

Sharebox is a super smart and easy way to hand over keys to my guests. After I finish cleaning the apartment, I just drop off the keys in my Sharebox and give access to my guests.

Louise Søborg, Airbnb Host

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Official HostAssist partner of Airbnb

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