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Sharebox’s mission is to enable people and organizations to manage keys effectively by creating the best hardware and software platform.

Sharebox was founded in 2016 and provides consumer and enterprise API software and IoT key exchange systems for intelligent access management.

FVN oppslag 14032019 (2)-5Sharebox operates a distributed network of key exchange machines in over 450 kiosks, shops and central meeting points in 8 countries. We serve the private market of home owners, Airbnb hosts, vacation rentals, house cleaners, carpenters, car sharing and real estate operators.

Sharebox provides businesses access management solutions with API software for property managers, buildings, car rental and car repair workshops. Our business model is to design hardware and develop software for integrated solutions, stocked and distributed in its own wholesale operation. We sell directly to businesses offering key exchange solutions for self-service and extended opening hours combined with systems for online payment and credit check. 


Arne Eivind Andersen
CEO, Co-Founder
(+47) 415 02 160

Leif Arne Dalane
CTO, Co-Founder
(+47) 913 80 290

Bjart Andersen
Sales Manager
(+47) 909 97 469

Kjetil Faye Lund
Marketing Manager
(+47) 909 23 795

Christian Dehn
Country Manager, Denmark
(+45) 408 74 088

Guillermo Gallardo Cohnen
Country Manager, Spain
(+34) 653 366 050

Andreas Lindqvist
Partner, Sharebox Sweden
(+46) 736 68 11 11

Albert Sam
Partner, Sharebox Sweden
(+46) 762 62 63 64

Ole Jørn Horntvedt
Marketing Manager, Sharebox Ltd
(+44) 75 3870 4585

Tore Knutsen
Sales Manager, Sharebox Ltd
(+44) 75 3870 4584

Michael Seistrup
Partner UK&I, Sharebox AS
(+44) 7966 967871


Sharebox is headquartered in Arendal, Norway. The Arendal office is home to Sharebox’s founders and the marketing, product, technical and customer success teams.

Vesterveien 173
4817 His

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